Sauer Meisterwerk

€ 47.640,00

Informatie over de Sauer Meisterwerk

Over 100 years ago, Sauer & Sohn created a symbol of perfection: The Meisterwerk shotgun. Brought back to life in the highest form of the gunmaker’s art, it is the only current production gun in the world featuring the legendary Sauer & Sohn sidelock - the only lock of its kind that applies Thales’ Theorem to achieve an ideal sear geometry. Made entirely to the customer’s specifications, this gun is a true heirloom that rewards its owner with the glamour of the unique. The original Sauer & Sohn sidelock is the only one of its kind that dares call itself perfect, for at its heart is the only lockwork that fulfills the rigorous demands of Thales’ Theorem. SAUER – in cooperation with Master Gunmaker Marko Frühauf and Master Engraver Hendrik Frühauf - has produced a side-by-side that has no interest in being compared to any other gun. It is itself the standard by which others must be judged! Engraving on the Meisterwerk is a fine English scroll executed in the traditional pre-war SAUER style. Special engraving to the customer’s specifications is available upon request.

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