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What is De Jacht?

With 75.000 unique visitors, 1.000.000 pageviews, 21.000 followers and community members on Facebook, De Jacht is the biggest independent hunting website in The Netherlands and Belgium. Updated several times a day with hunting news and videos from all over the world it has proven to draw a large crowd of interested visitors.

De Jacht is especially well used and liked by hunting trainees as it offers a handy fotoquiz which tests and improves your knowledge of locationt and animal species you can encounter in Europe. A much such after feature of the website. Afterall being able to keep 19 different species of rather similar looking duck apart is far from easy.

The same hunting trainees that are at the start of their hunting career and look for hunting gear that meets their needs and fits their budget. It's not just young hunters who use De Jacht. We have an excellent reach with hunters from all age groups.

The site sports the original product finder for hunting gear, unique in the world. It offers hunters from all walks of life and all ages the opportunity to find the products that best fit their budget and need. But doesn't stop there. It also guides them to webshops and local businesses that sell this item.

Take advantage now and advertise on this highly interesting and entertaining hunting website!

Why advertise on De Jacht?

  • 1.000.000 pageviews in 2020
  • 75.000 unique users in 2020
  • 21.000 members in our online community
  • More effective than magazine ads: Repeated exposure and direct conversion
  • You only pay for actual views, no skipped advertising pages like in magazines
  • Banner usage analytics
  • Many trainees use the site's fotoquiz
  • Reach all ages, men and women
  • Boost brand recognition

4 easy steps to order:

1. Determine your budget and time period

You only pay for what you get so you determine your budget and when the banner(s) should be visible.
Independent of the location you choose you get the best bang for your buck.

2. Select the banner

For optimal effect banners come in different sizes per location. Choose a banner for your location.

Banner Size Positions Max CPM *
Leaderboard 728x90 A & D 1 €   7,-
Billboard 970x250 A & D 1 € 15,-
Logo 300x185 B & C 3 €   6,-
Medium Rectangle 300x250 B & C 2 €   8,-
Half page 300x600 B & C 1 € 14,-
  • MAX = Maximum number of banners of this type per location.
  • CPM = Cost Per Mille. Price per 1000 actual views. Clicks are free.
  • All prices are excluding 21% V.A.T.
  • Banners are shown on all pages except sponsored profiles and product pages.
  • Position preferences are honored on a first come, first serve basis

3. Don't have a banner?

Let us know and we'll set you up with an advertising company that can provide you with a good banner.

4. Contact us

Contact us with your request, banner and company information.

You can email us at or simply use the contact form at the bottom of this page.

How banners work

Banners work in two ways: By displaying your services to your target audience, called branding. And by direct conversion when a user clicks on the banner.

1. CTR - Click Through Rate

Depending on the quality of the banner and it's connection to our audience you can expect a CTR of up to 2%. This means that about one percent of the visitors that see the banner click on it. This is on par with the average on the internet regardless of industry. And although the numbers seem small this is still infinitely more than advertisements in magazines where it is impossible to click through.

2. Branding

Banners, like magazine ads are mostly used for branding. Helping people to remember your brand, product or service once they look for it. By repeatedly being shown on the users screen they will remember and prioritize your services you more easily once they are looking for them.

Why you should advertise on

Internet advertisements are more effective than magazine ads. Here is why:

Direct conversion:
You can't click on paper
Better Branding:
Banners are displayed much more often per consumer than magazine ads
Real statistics:
Finally you get to know what you pay for
Best prices in the industry:
You only pay for what you get.
Prices are the lowest CPM in the industry
No bullshit:
Real site reach;
Real views;
Real statistics;
You get the real deal at

Order now

Once locations are filled you have to wait for them to open again. So don't wait and order now to get the most effective advertisements to target hunters in the Netherlands and Belgium.

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